A Comprehensive Grammar of Emirati Arabic

(in collaboration with Tommi Leung and Meera Al Kaabi)

We are developing a comprehensive reference grammar for Emirati Arabic. The projected manuscript aims to offer readers a reference tool for discovering and studying in detail the properties of the specific dialect of Arabic spoken in the region within the country of the United Arab Emirates. It covers all major areas of Emirati Arabic grammar describing in detail its phonological, morphological, syntactic and semantic systems. It also provides individual properties of geographically and socially distributed micro-varieties within Emirati Arabic as well as pinpointing the place of Emirati Arabic within the Arabic dialect continuum. The grammar’s target readership includes learners of Emirati Arabic at all levels, students of Modern Standard Arabic or other Arabic dialects with an interest in the dialect spoken in the UAE, researchers interested in Arabic language and linguistics as well as graduate students and scholars interested in Arabic studies.

To be published as:

Leung, Tommi, Dimitrios Ntelitheos and Meera Saeed Shakhbout Al Kaabi. (Contracted). Emirati Arabic: A Comprehensive Grammar. Routledge Comprehensive Grammar Series. London: Routledge.