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Associate Professor

Department of Linguistics
UAE University Al Ain
Po Box: 17771
+971 50 138 9358
+971 713 6924
Research Group:
EEG Laboratory
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I am an Associate Professor at United Emirates University, Department of Linguistics you can find out more about me here My CV

My primary interest is in the cognitive science and neuroscience of language. I study the comprehension of spoken and written language in the mind/brain using interdisciplinary techniques aimed at identifying the neural processing mechanisms that support the interpretation of written text and spoken utterances. Specifically I study Arabic behavioural, neuro-psychological and neuroimaging data to determine the underlying general properties of language as a neuro-cognitive system.

Background to my research

A number of key questions have characterised the research agenda in linguistics and psycholinguistics for many years now. These include the following: What do we know when we know language? How is this knowledge used in comprehending and producing language? What are the brain structures that support the use of language? What do language disorders, regardless of aetiology tell us about the language system?

My research attempts to advance the understanding of these issues by focusing on the study of experimentally understudied languages, specifically Arabic, using different experimental techniques. My goal is to contribute to the development of a theory that accounts for Language processing and representation in general while acknowledging at the same time the idiosyncratic characteristics of each linguistic system.

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