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Humberto Rafeiro. PhD, DrSc
Associate Professor
Mathematical Sciences - (COS)
P.O. Box No. 15551, Al Ain, UAE
T: 03-7136399
Email: rafeiro*


  • Two published research monographs
  • More than 70 research papers
  • Member of editorial boards of several international scientific journals
  • Referee at various international mathematical journals


Spring 2023

  • MATH205 - Set Theory & Logic
  • MATH275 - Ordinary Differential Equations
  • MATH110 - Calculus II (2 sections)


Area of scientific interests includes :

  • Harmonic analysis and operator theory,
  • Function spaces,
  • Hypersingular integrals,
  • Potential type operators,
  • Fractional calculus,
  • Bounded variation functions,
  • History of mathematics.

Publications (Selected):

  • Humberto Rafeiro, Stefan Samko, and Salaudin Umarkhadzhiev. Local grand Lebesgue spaces on quasi-metric measure spaces and some applica- tions. Positivity, 26(3):16, 2022. 10.1007/s11117-022-00915-z. Id/No 53.
  • Alexandre Almeida and Humberto Rafeiro. Maximal operator in variable Stummel spaces. J. Fourier Anal. Appl., 28(3):24, 2022. 10.1007/s00041-022-09940-8. Id/No 50.
  • Humberto Rafeiro and Stefan Samko. Coincidence of variable exponent Herz spaces with variable exponent Morrey type spaces and boundedness6 of sublinear operators in these spaces. Potential Anal., 56(3):437–457, 2022. 10.1007/s11118-020-09891-z.

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