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Graduate student supervision

Ph.D. Supervisor of† Noura Al Nuaimi

Since Spring 2014

Expected Graduation Date: Dec 2017

Research focus: Data mining for improving healthcare

Ph.D. Supervisor of† Khaled Al Rebaiei

Since Spring 2016

Expected Graduation Date: Dec 2019

Research focus: Intelligent knowledge management system

Member of Ph.D. advisory committee of† Eman Abu Khousa

Since Fall 2013

Expected Graduation Date: June 2016

Research focus: Intelligent learning environment

Member of Ph.D. advisory committee† Hind Al Falasi

Since Fall 2013

Graduation date: Dec 2015

Research focus: Smart vehicle automation systems

MS Thesis Supervisor of Mohamed Saleh Al Maleki.

Since Spring 2015

Expected Graduation date: June 2016

Research focus: Data driven intrusion detection systems


Senior graduation project supervision

Campus bus tracking application
Terms: Fall 2014-Spring 2015,† Number of students: 3

Prediction of chess match outcome from early moves
Term: Spring 2014-Fall 2014,† Number of students: 4

†† ††† Awarded best senior project at CIT, UAEU, Fall 2014. Link to al Khaleej news: (link)

†† ††† Awarded as one of the best three research posters in the 2015 Annual UAEU studentsí conference.

†† ††† Accepted for presentation at the 3rd Undergraduate Students Research Conf., Abu Dhabi, May 2015

Forecasting world population using data mining
†Terms: Fall 2013-Spring 2014, Number of students:† 3

Mining and analyzing social networks †††††††

†† ††† Terms: Spring 2013-Fall 2013, Number of students: 4

Dr. Mohammad Mehedy Masud
Associate Professor
Enterprise Systems
College of Information Technology