IBPSA-UAE Chapter participates in the 6th Ajman International Urban Planning 2013 Conference

IBPSA-UAE Chapter participated in the 6th Ajman International Urban Planning Conference that was held from 12-18 March 2013 in Sheikh Zayed Centre for Conferences and Exhibitions of Ajman University of Sciences and Technology (AUST) Campus, Ajman, United Arab Emirates (UAE). The theme of Ajman 6th Ajman International Urban Planning Conference was devoted to “City and Security”. The main goal of this conference was to have a forum for dialogue and to discuss solutions and ideas on the subject of the conference and its axes, through inviting a number of global professionals, researchers, academics and experts, as well as architects, city planners, and urban decision-makers, to present their ideas, opinions and experiences, through lectures, discussions and workshops.

IBPSA-UAE participated with a paper on “Energy Security and Global Carbon Emissions”, highlighting the role of sustainable building technologies and building performance simulation. The review in this study identifies the role of city planning and buildings in global carbon emission and solutions to reduce it with appropriate technologies and materials with the help of advanced whole-building simulation tools.