Desert Sustainable Design: A studio lecture and students collaboration held in the architectural school of ETH Zurich

Establishing educational studentsí activities is always seen a high priority by the IBPSA-UAE. To achieve this goal, IBPSA-UAE has been active in the last two years in strengthening links with other highly reputable international schools and exchanging knowledge and educational expertise in the area of design performance modeling.  Based on an invitation from the Chair of Architecture and Design (Prof. Dr. Josep Lluis Mateo), Prof. Khaled Al-Sallal gave a lecture on Desert Sustainable Design to the architectural students of the Faculty of Architecture, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH Zurich). The event was enriched by accompanying architectural students from the UAE and holding acquaintance/collaboration session for students from the two schools. The lecture focused on the early use of simulation and design performance analysis tools in the design studio. The event was held in Prof. Matteo Design Studio on the 6th March 2012.




Prof. Matteo presenting Prof. Al-Sallal to the audience.

Prof. Al-Sallal giving the design workshop.

View of the audience, ETH undergrad and postgrad architecture students.

Part of the presentation showing the use of CFD as a design tool.

Prof. Al-Sallal answering questions from students.

The seminar venue: Prof. Matteo Design Studio, ETH-Zurich.