Research Interests
My research stems from the core fundamentals of model driven software and data to enable the development of enterprise information systems that support resilient communities. In doing so, I elaborate software and data models that bridge the digital and informational gaps, in order to empower human cognitive capital, which is considered to be the main assets of resilience and sustainable-growth for any society and economy. Revolving around latest developments in Internet of Things and Big Data analytics, part of this research thrust, currently strives to discern unpredicted and non-linear patterns that may emerge in complex instructional information systems. Another side of this research aims at developing ambient space models, where people and physical things interact seamlessly through the pervasive evolution of Internet of Things. This vision promises new software development approaches running on numerous smart devices with a ubiquitous access to massive data hidden in surrounding physical objects, leading to new generations of embedded intelligent services with a broad and sweeping economic and societal impacts. Finally, the current evolution of social ecosystems is poised to leverage the collective intelligence brought by communities of human cognitive capital and interconnected smart things driven by the future Internet of Things. This social dimension of my research looks at influence propagation models to advocate and disseminate best practices. Preliminary results of this recent research focus has led to customized data mining approaches to discover communities of practice, in contemporary social networks.

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