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Dilshad Ara joined as an Assistant Professor of Architectural Engineering in the United Arab Emirates University in 2008. Prior to this appointment she held MIRS and MIFRS PhD scholarships from the University of Melbourne, Australia. She was educated at BUET, the University of Melbourne (PhD) and has taught at UNSW (University of New South Wales) Sydney, Australia and at the University of Asia Pacific. She is interested in sustainable architecture and technology in building design and construction. Her research focuses mainly on building technology and cultural factors in architecture. In 2008 the PhD work had been acknowledged for excellence from UK [Stanley Smith Book Prize] and Australia [2006 John Grice Research Prize in Architecture for best PhD from ABP, University of Melbourne]. She was also awarded Scott Opler Emerging Scholar Fellowship by SAH (Society of Architectural Historians, Chicago USA). Recent book Chapter (2011) has been published in the book THINKING THROUGH THE ENVIRONMENT: GREEN APPROACHES TO GLOBAL HISTORY edited by Timo Myllyntaus. She has practiced widely as an architect with a long list of built projects varying from residential to commercial buildings also large scale interior design works. Dr Dilshad holds IAB registration for professional works.
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